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Why post experiences with Green Trotters?

It does not matter what kind of experience you have to share, Green Trotters makes you earn money easy and safe, and get closer to the ecotourists that are looking for unique experiences in the nature, just as yours.

You have the control

With Green Trotters you will have full control of the availability, costs and rules of the activity and how to interact with the ecotourists. 

You can establish the point of contact and the starting time such as handling the process in the way you want. 

We are there to support you everytime

Green Trotters gives you the tools and advices, customer care 24/7 and an online community that could help you with any questions or sharing ideas that could help for your success.

How to become a Green Trotters' service provider?

Post your experience


Posting an experience in Green Trotters is easy and free. Create a description of your experience and mention what does the price includes, upload pictures, and make your experience unique with a great description.

The price is up to you.

Make the ecotourist feel welcome

Meet the ecotourist even before he arrives, by starting a conversation online through Green Trotters' platform.

The majority of the service providers are worried about setting everything up for the activity, getting the transportation clean and ready or even cook for the activity. 

You can receive the ecotourist, for example, teaching him or her about the geography of the place or the environment. All that information could be sent in advance to his or her email.


Receive the payment


The system that Green Trotters uses, is very safe, it stops you from being worried about dealing with cash or direct transactions with the ecotourist.

The ecotourist gets charged before the experience happens and you receive the payment immediately, Green Trotters gets a 10% commission out of it.

You get the money from PayPal. 

Show the people how you interact with the nature.

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